Mary Pearce

Mary is a linguist who loves to paint in her spare time. She belongs to an artistic family, and she has always enjoyed drawing cartoons and designing cross stitch, but she only took up painting 4 years ago when she was given some oil paints. She now uses mostly acrylics. Her enthusiasm increased after attending a Prophetic art workshop in the Gower. She loves painting while surrounded by worship, and she wants her paintings to be an inspiration to others. She also designs prayer spaces for her church in Gloucester and other groups and these sometimes include her pictures. She often paints lions, relatives, friends, clouds and water! She is a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International, and although her work takes her to Africa frequently, the only lions she has seen there were baby orphans in a zoo! Her other passions are lesser-known languages, music, puzzles and chocolate.

Coming on the Clouds

There are some popular worship songs which refer to the Lion of Judah coming on the clouds. I don’t pretend to know what it will be like when Jesus returns as King, but this picture is meant to convey something of His majesty and authority. It is such a privilege that when we worship, we can come into… Continue reading Coming on the Clouds

Entering the Throne Room

I get excited about the fact that all through the Bible there is the theme of God being on His throne, and yet we are invited to come into His presence. Revelation 5 talks about God as the Lion of Judah who has prepared the way for us to enter God’s presence despite the wrong we have done.… Continue reading Entering the Throne Room

Fire of Glory

I seem to be into painting lions! The popular worship song “Hosanna” talks of the King of glory coming on the clouds with fire. That is what I am trying to convey here. The fire represents glory, purity, power… The King of Kings is on the move and where he goes, there is transformation! Matthew 24:30: And then… Continue reading Fire of Glory

Hope and Perspective

This one has 5 layers of perspective. You are in a boat, looking over the side. At first you see the waves. It may be important that you do, but there are other ways to see the situation. You could go to the top of the boat and look out on the mists and then rise above… Continue reading Hope and Perspective

Looking towards the Sun

I started drawing this sunflower simply because I was waiting for someone and a friend was already sketching the same flower! The picture reminds me to keep my focus on God so that I can feel the full wonder of being in His presence. Hebrews 12:2: We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion… Continue reading Looking towards the Sun

Art Book: God on the Move

This is a book full of illustrations, Bible verses and thoughts to inspire you to pray and to draw close to your heavenly Father. He is the Lion of  Judah – but if you invite Him, He also comes alongside you, joining you wherever you are. The book is designed to be looked at while… Continue reading Art Book: God on the Move

Gold Waterfall

I painted this for a couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary – but I realised it could be used more widely to remind us of the treasures that God pours out to us continually. His love is rich and unfailing. And he offers us the chance of bathing in that love! A6 greetings card available… Continue reading Gold Waterfall


This card was painted when I was thinking a lot about heaven – as my sister was soon to go there. She saw this picture when she could no longer speak and she stared at it for about 5 minutes. I then said “You are going there soon aren’t you?” She nodded. Soon after her… Continue reading Angels

Cub Reflection

I enjoy painting lions to represent the Lion of Judah, and us as lion cubs, made in the image of God! Many of us are aware of our shortcomings, and we think God sees us as even worse! But he is in the business of changing us to be more like him – so he… Continue reading Cub Reflection


I painted lots of tears last year, for various reasons – but I was always aware that God cries with us and that he promises to dry our tears. Here I see those tears turning into bubbles  of joy! Ps 30:5b “Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” A6 greetings… Continue reading Bubbles

While Shepherds Watched

5″x7″ greetings card available for £2.20, plus 65p first class P&P   Back to Mary Pearce

Searching for a King

5″x7″ greetings card available for £2.20, plus 65p first class P&P   Back to Mary Pearce

On the Move

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Meekness and Majesty

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Author of Creation

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