Become a DeeperCards Designer!

Calling all budding artists and designers! This is an exciting new opportunity just for you.

Do you have a beautiful painting, inspiring or funny photograph, or unique design that could be made into professional A6 greetings cards? Then let’s work together to help your image or design reach its potential, and earn you some income along the way!


Here’s how it works:

  • You tell me a little bit about yourself, using the simple form below.
  • Then send me a digital image (at least 1MB) that you’d like to become a greetings card.
  • After I’ve had a look at your application, we’ll have a conversation (by email or phone) about it – like a sort of informal interview.
  • If your design is accepted, we can chat through the practicalities and any extra support you might want going forwards. We’ll talk about what could go on the back of the cards, too, if you’d like to do something with that space.
  • Next, we place the order with a professional card-printing company, if you’re happy with what the front and back of the card look like.
  • Then, if you’d like to sell the cards, we can explore the options together: you could sell them through your very own page on this website; or through stalls at events; or through other web platforms; or a combination of these – it’s entirely up to you, and you will have my support throughout the process. Or you could choose not to sell them, and to use them yourself to send to friends and relatives instead!


Number of cards, and the cost:

  • We can order cards in batches of 50. If you’d like 50 cards of one design, it will cost £25, and postage is free. (That’s 50p per card, including envelopes.) If you go on to sell your cards, you can choose what price to set them at – usually between £1 and £3. You do the maths 😉 
  • If you’d like more than 50 cards, why not submit two designs, to get 100 cards? This will cost £40, and postage is free (so just 40p per card, including envelopes). Or you could always apply for 100 cards of one design rather than two (for the the same price).
  • If this really excites you, why not submit 5 designs, with a chance of being able to order 250 cards? (Or you could even apply for all 250 cards across one design if there’s an image that you’re particularly pleased with…) That will cost £60 – yes, that makes it just 24p per card, including envelopes!!! Plus £10 postage (48hr courier). And, of course, if you sell them you could make between £250 and £750…!

…You can even go for personalised business cards, advertising your greetings cards, if you like! See more info Here.

Apply Now:


Fab! Now send me your image(s) to, and I’ll get back to you within a few days.

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