Breath of Wind


The one true dancer, commanding yet sweet;

Dominating yet refreshing, encircles the globe.

He sets his own rhythm, with ever-changing pace;

Bearing endless messages – sorrow, joy, anticipation.

He never stops for a moment but oft changes his steps,

Dashing to the east and then swooping west;

Laughing at those who try to trap him in predictions.

Sometimes a slow and thoughtful dance, romantic;

Later filled with wild passion, anger, excitement unmatched.

He delights in the sound of his own song, harmonising –

Toying with all he finds; making instruments of all.

He knows the power he holds; yet does not abuse it:

Though wreaks havoc where havoc is not wanted;

Displays his authority in all places in varied ways –

Man will never understand his moves, nor grasp them.

Commands over the heavens and the earth: sky, land and sea.

He is older than the oldest yet reborn anew each moment;

He is scorned and avoided, cursed at; or welcomed, beloved.

Never unnoticed, but lived around, planned around.

He dances with the sea, the dust, the rain and snow –

Himself invisible, making up for it in sound and in works.

We know his presence more deeply than is expressible

Yet could not draw, depict or ever mimic him – unique.

Oh what a dance: may we learn to dance along with him.

Written March 2018 (by Kat Gibson).

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