An Interview and a Shock


What can God really do for me?

How would Christianity help me?

Who does God think He is, that He would ask for me?

When might believing in God be useful to me?

Where was God when I needed a miracle?

Why should I believe in Him?

What’s in it for me?

Nowt, if that’s your mindset.

You’ve missed the point.

Wrong end of the stick.

The reality might come as a shock.

The flip-side of a coin.

Let’s turn it upside-down.

Switch seats.

God doesn’t serve me, nor exist for my purpose.

Christianity isn’t about our own gain.

God doesn’t need me – He’s perfect on His own.

Faith isn’t a tool: it demands and consumes us.

God doesn’t owe us anything; He’s not a slot-machine.

Faith is an offering of one’s whole life – not a whimsical decision.

Christ gave up His life for you – why not return the favour and see what happens.

Faith isn’t just a belief.

It isn’t just a lifestyle.

It isn’t just for Sunday mornings.

It isn’t about ‘being a nice person’.

It isn’t easy.

It isn’t cheap.

It isn’t to be taken lightly.

God is love – but love is not God.

He is the purpose, the meaning, the very essence of life.

We are nothing without Him.

Relationship with Him fills our souls with colour.

He pursues us, out of desire that we know Him.

We need Him so badly – but He isn’t an accessory.

He isn’t content to be an added interest or hobby.

He wants to turn our lives around completely.

He wants to take away our earthly views and mindsets.

He wants to give us His own.

He wants to remove our cold and selfish hearts.

He wants to place His desires and motives in us.

He wants to take away every shameful stain.

He wants to wash us clean and make us new.

He wants us to be fully His, and fully useful for Him.

We can’t have Him on our own terms.

Who do I think I am, to demand things of Him?!

How long til I admit that life doesn’t revolve around me?

If it costs my whole life, to receive new life, could I give it…?

Dare I take the step?

…Dare I hold back?

Written March 2018 (by Kat Gibson).

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