Sign your life away


Oh, how many times do we sign

Without quite knowing

What it is we’re agreeing to.

Who knows what it could have said

That we did not seek to find out

But signed…

Consent to use your personal data?

Perhaps they mean to sell it

To marketing companies

Who henceforth shall haunt my days

With adverts quite specific

To who and what they think I am

According to that personal data sold.

I’d really rather they didn’t, actually

But signed…

Confirm you’ve read the Ts & Cs

All 48 pages of small-print

Designed in their very nature

To put me off from reading to the end

But there could be anything in there!

No, I didn’t read it all

But signed…

That awful breakdown recovery man

Told me to sign

The tiny box on his phone screen

After spouting all sorts of nonsense

About my broken car

He clearly knew little of old Corsas

Or cars in general, it seemed.

I strongly disagreed with his words

But signed…

A friend speaking at an event

Was given paperwork containing

All sorts of rules to adhere to

And beliefs that he didn’t share

And agreements not to cause offence

He didn’t plan to follow their ways

But signed…

At the meeting we agreed

To keep everything confidential.

And yes, I understood the need

And agreed fully – for the most part

Though had every desire and intent

To discuss matters with my husband

Afterwards, behind closed doors

But signed…

Bob, I think, was fully aware

Of his actions and their implication.

Though just an hour or two left

Right there on his deathbed

Read a surrender-prayer

And asked for a pen.

It cost him a huge amount of effort

And pain, just to move, to write…

What’s more, the element of pride –

He’d never believed the stuff before.

But signed.

Written March 2018 (by Kat Gibson).

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