Confessions of a ‘Green’ Beginner


Yes, I use a tumble drier –
The flat is damp and weather dire!
Of being judged I quickly tire.
Forgive me.

We do try hard with plastic bags,
Stored in the boot with old cloth rags.
But competence just slowly sags –
Forgive me.

Bottles we reuse of course,
Except those from tomato sauce.
They’re filling up the drawer in force!
Forgive me.

Paint with acrylics and with oils.
The plastic package maybe spoils
The triumph of artistic toils.
Forgive me.

With no dishwasher or TV
We use less electricity;
Still sky-high bills, believe you me!
Forgive me.

The paper in recycling bins
Not used again – oh, count my sins!
The meeting-free man surely wins.
Forgive me.

No thought spared for the waste of water,
Or animals led to the slaughter.
Perhaps I’m not my mother’s daughter.
Forgive me.

Give up deod’rant; face the smell?
Not sure I’d manage very well,
Nor without all that shampoo gel.
Forgive me.

I’ve always loved my sellotape,
And well-wrapped presents in every shape.
Lord, is there really no escape?
Forgive me.

And I do like a greetings card.
Giving up paper’s so damn hard!
Birthdays one cannot discard.
Forgive me.

Cartons from the milk and juice,
And fruit and veg – can’t buy it loose:
Will the expense some day reduce?
Forgive me.

But all my clothes are second hand:
Good charity shops – don’t care ’bout brand.
Great colours are my one demand!
Forgive me.

We own a car – oh yes, we drive.
To get around; to stay alive.
Cyclists usually survive…
Forgive me.

And yes, we holiday by air:
Takes too long without to get anywhere!
Need more time off work – how’s that fair?!
Forgive me.

I do take it all to heart,
And pray that I can play my part.
Recognition’s just the start.
Forgive me?

Written March 2018 (by Kat Gibson).

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