Middle-Class Organisation


No cereal for breakfast,

Or nice normal lunch –

Just grains and green leaves:

We’re a good vegan bunch.

Can’t have normal coffee;

No good English brew.

Got to have funny teas –

Guess I’ll try something new…

Echinacea and raspberry

Replace builders’ tea;

But for my lone cheese sandwich

They still laugh at me!

It’s all new to me,

These grains and those pulses;

And beetroots, avocados

With a million uses.

We use oil of carrot,

And hummus with herbs.

No place for that sugar

Or bread, full of carbs.

Oh, my poor cheese sandwich

Now feels so rejected.

Looked down on, avoided:

So sad and dejected.

I don’t want to judge

The others who choose

To reject certain products

With nothing to lose.

But no, as for me

Leftovers will do.

A sandwich or toast,

Or spag bol, or stew.

I do care about

Those environment issues;

The single-use plastics

And recycled tissues.

But cheese is my comfort

And bread my good friend.

My nice old cheese sandwich

Can’t come to an end.

So please stay considerate

Of others’ life choices.

Us cheese-sandwich-eaters

Do also have voices.

We all work together

Towards common aims –

If food is contentious

I don’t like those games.

Wealthy organisations

Show me, a Yorkshire lass

A few little differences

Split by social class.

The mindsets and worldviews

I’d never have thought of

Still seem somewhat strange to me:

I might fit in, sort of!

But to the community,

How are we seen?

The middle-class charity

We always have been…

And even internally,

Do we choose to hear

All different perspectives,

With nothing to fear?

I hope as we help folk

To live their own dream,

We’ll embrace the diversity

We hold as a theme.

So with my cheese sandwich

I’ll happily munch,

And celebrate differences

Shared over lunch.

Written March 2018 (by Kat Gibson).

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