Teenage Life


Teenage life, those years of unknowing;

Of questioning, worrying and slooowly growing.

Of thinking so clearly then not being sure,

Of asking of life whether there’s something more.

Teenage life, a time full of tears,

And arguing, bitterness; unwelcome fears.

Of cliquiness, wond’ring just how to fit in;

And judgment from people for being fat or thin…

Teenage life, a time to discover

What makes you unique and unlike any other.

A time for exploring, learning to express

What makes you feel strongly – not just how you dress…

Teenage life, learning social skill;

And trusting, and fighting, and looks that could kill…

Discov’ring new friendships and memories that last

And finding that Christmas comes round pretty fast.

Teenage life, always pressured and stressed;

Absorbing the knowledge for the next nasty test.

And trying to figure out what you will be

When the ominous future ain’t so plain to see.

Teenage life, and the pressure from peers

To say and do things you regret for ten years.

Exploring ‘reality’ – almost adult life;

Starting jobs, thinking deeply, still while hormones are rife.

Teenage life, the dynamics of school;

And clashing with parents, and bending each rule…

And fresh awkward romance, emotions so strong;

And learning the hard way what’s right and what’s wrong.

Teenage life, all the gossip and rumour,

And bitchiness hidden as bad sense of humour.

And high expectations from every side,

When really you’d like nothing more than to hide.

Teenage life – yes the perks are good too;

Hanging out with your friends – nothing better to do.

No stress over bills or the workplace or food

And no real consequence for being rude.

But next time we envy their lifestyle of ease

Oh let us remember the full picture, please.

‘Cause although their years haven’t taken them far;

So desperate are they to find out who they are.

Written March 2018 (by Kat Gibson).

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