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As The Sparrow Flies

…Experiences of a young eccentric abroad Tales from an unusual sort of ‘Gap Year’ journey. No sense of direction, little knowledge of geography, a backpack and twenty-odd flights to visit seven countries and volunteer for eight or nine vastly different organisations… What could possibly go wrong? Buy Now on Amazon for £8.50 For Retail…

The Art of Surrender

The concept of surrender to God is not often spoken of in churches or discipleship meetings, but I consider it to be of extreme importance to the life and spiritual growth of every Christian. Songs like ‘I surrender all’ have often irritated me, because what does it mean to surrender absolutely everything that we are… Continue reading The Art of Surrender

Prayer and Triviality

An eclectic collection of 64 poems. Some contain rhythm and/or rhyme; some do not. Some are written as prayers; some are more like reflections. Some are jovial, silly, trivial; some have a more profound or meaningful tone. Some are written from my own perspective; Some are ‘in character’ or written from the eyes and shoes… Continue reading Prayer and Triviality