Welcome! Here’s the DeeperCards Green Statement…

DeeperCards greetings cards no longer come with cellophane wrap of any kind – the cards are all plastic-free and fully recyclable!

Regarding shipping and packaging, I try to use as little wasteful materials as possible. If you order 50+ cards they’ll be sent wrapped in recycled and reused grey-brown paper (also fully recyclable). If you order fewer than 50 cards they’ll be sent in a reusable envelope, or loose in a reused and reusable jiffy bag.

Regarding producing the cards, see my printer’s Green Policy below:

All our paper is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. They make sure that 7 trees are planted for each one felled. We use 9 Lives 100% Recycled Paper for our offset and 9 Lives 55 silk for our coated range of flyers, business cards, folders, posters, letterheads and comp slips. There are no cost effective 100% recycled coated papers available on the market at this time. However, the coated gloss and silk paper we use and endorse have a recycled paper content of 55% and is a certified FSC Paper.

2) INK:
The inks we use on our digital and litho presses are soy or vegetable based rather than the standard oil based inks.

Inert water based protective coatings are used rather than polymer based for litho work.

We use low alcohol or alcohol free printing presses for litho.

All waste we produce is segregated, reused or recycled.