The  DeeperCards  HappyBox!

Colourful, limited edition greetings cards straight to your door, every quarter 🙂


The wonders of the HappyBox:

Five colourful, limited-edition A6 greetings cards (with envelopes).

  • These are prints of my original oil and acrylic paintings, and each painting has a story. You’ll receive details of one of those stories in your HappyBox, relating to the image on one of your cards!
  • None of these are occasion-specific: they can be used for birthdays, thank-you cards, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, condolences, get-well cards, thinking-of-you cards, invitations – or just to say hello to someone. Pretty much anything you could possibly require a card for!
  • You also get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing that you have bought your cards from a small local business rather than some big corporation 🙂

Plastic-free, and no waste!

  • Your cards are not wrapped in cellophane like in most of the shops: this is most definitely the eco-friendly choice! What’s more, no element of your HappyBox needs to end up in landfill. The cards and envelopes, once you have written and sent them to your loved ones, are universally recyclable. And no unnecessary packaging!


…In a handy reusable box for you to keep – here are some ideas as to how it might come in handy:

  • A Button Box: For buttons and other small trinkets
  • A Memory Box: Fill it with photos and little keepsakes
  • A Jewellery Box: Keep your jewellery safe here!
  • A Colouring Box: Keep crayons or short colouring pencils in your box!
  • A Beauty Box: Store smaller items of makeup or accessories in your box!
  • A Bunting Box: Why not make some A6 fabric bunting, and store it in your box!
  • A HappyWeeks Box: Once a week write down something good that happened this week, or something to be thankful for, or something to remember, and pop it in the box. Then when you need a little cheering up, or fancy a bit of time reminiscing, just have a read of what’s in the box!
  • A Prayer Box: Write down your prayers and pop them in the box!
  • A Bucket Box: Write your bucket-list dreams and ideas on slips of card or paper and keep them in the box, then when you need some inspiration for a special holiday or a rainy day you can have a look in the Bucket Box!
  • A Gift Box: Fill your box with small gifts (such as sweets, a key-ring charm, an item of jewellery, a letter, a pocket-size pen, a lavender bag…) and give it to a friend. This could work as a birthday gift or simply to brighten up someone’s week. What’s more, it doesn’t cost too much to post because the box is counted as a ‘Large Letter’ with Royal Mail!


If you subscribe to the quarterly HappyBox, you may never again find yourself running to the shops for a last-minute greetings card: five of them will be delivered straight to your door every three months, at unbeatable prices. If you’d like them more regularly than this, just let me know and I can send you a HappyBox every two months instead of every three.


Order Now!

The quarterly boxes will be posted out at the start of February, May, August and November.

GET YOUR FIRST BOX FOR JUST £2.99! Then afterwards £7.50 per box, delivered quarterly – or £6.50 per box if you’d prefer it every two months!

OR, try a one-off box for just £10!