Hello! I gather you’re here because of an interest in selling some of my greetings cards in your shop. Fantastic – I’d love to work with you! All the cards seen here are prints of my original oil and acrylic paintings, more of which can be found on

The Details…

  • Commission: if you’re willing to provide all necessary display equipment, then you’d be welcome to take a 50% commission. Ideally, each card would be priced at £2, and at the end of the month or quarter if for example 30 cards have sold, you send me £30 (and keep the other £30).
  • Or, if you prefer, you can buy cards directly from me for your shop (at £1 per card if you order over 20) and price them at whatever you like – that way you eliminate the need to keep track of which of my cards you have sold, and the hassle of transferring money over to me.
  • Numbers: you can decide which greetings cards to display and sell in your shop, from the options below, and how many of each. I’ll get the greetings cards to you, and you won’t need to pay for the postage.

Here are the designs that you can choose from. Click on any image to see it properly. Greetings cards are printed in A6 (C6) and come with white envelope and, if you want it, cellophane wrap.



I’d love to hear from you!

Let me know that you’re interested, and what you’d like to do, by completing the short form below.




If you know which designs you would like, please do let me know in the ‘comments/questions’ section, or by email. I look forward to discussing further details with you and taking this forward!