Why is DeeperCards looking for new designers?

Here at DeeperCards, we’re passionate about providing opportunities for people to express themselves and their creativity. It can be so difficult to start out as an artist or designer without knowing whether your greetings cards will sell – and so this is a safe way to try it out.

When we place the print order, we will order a large batch of cards in order to keep the price as low as possible, split across many different designs by a variety of different artists and photographers – usually 50 cards of each design. This means that lots of new designers will have opportunity to see their pictures produced as professional A6 greetings cards which can be sold (and reproduced in future should the artist choose to do so!) without huge upfront costs for each designer. Budding artists can try out the world of greetings-card artwork in a fairly risk-free environment, with one-to-one support from an artist with experience of ordering and selling greetings cards – and in doing so can get a taste for the world of art-business and see what works well for them.

Let’s work together, and see what happens!